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our summer garden & letting go of expectations.

I keep thinking at the start of every spring that this is the year I’m going to plant a big garden. I picture four or five large beds, designated for berries, herbs, early spring & late summer crops, and oh, maybe a pumpkin or something thrown too. Big raised beds, mulch in the spaces between, big bee & butterfly-attracting flowers surrounding them. The literal fruits of this vision are abundant, prolific, and gosh darn it, the best tasting summer crops I’ve ever had. But, without fail, every spring, the time gets away and it gets later and later into the season. I throw some starters hastily purchased from the nursery in the ground, forget to water, and look at my dried-up plants at the end of summer in complete despair. I feel like I failed myself, my garden, my entire family because how dare I not feed them homegrown food from the backyard?!

Obviously, I am not failing anyone, not myself or my garden, and certainly not my family. But why do I feel this way? And why the hec…

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