The other day I decided it was time I deleted my Myspace account. Nothing against Myspace, I just wasn't using it anymore. I have had my Myspace account since college and for a long time afterward used it to keep track of folks I knew and folks I once knew but no longer kept in touch with.

Since getting married, I found that Myspace wasn't doing it for me. I never bothered to open a Facebook account either, because that's what it seemed like Facebook really was: a bother. Who wants to keep their old skeletons outside the closet and in plain view on the Internet for the whole world (future employers, mothers-in-law, etc.) to see? Not me. As a fully-formed, functioning adult, I don't feel the need to be available to everyone I've ever known in my former life for contacting. It may be contradictory that I am here, on Blogger, now, writing a blog about my life. At least blogging opens you up to a community of friends not necessarily known in real life where a commonality is shared, but still allows you to have a sense of anonymity. Not necessarily searchable in the easiest way. My profile won't pop up in someone's "People you may know" report when they log in to their account.

My husband Taylor is like most normal American human beings who don't even go as far as I do. He has an email account, and that's about it. He is smart in that he sees the value of keeping your business to yourself. So that is why we are here today. In order to properly introduce "My life, in review," it seems imperative to introduce the things that are important to me. Taylor may not (or he may, who knows?) be fond of the fact that I will be featuring little bits about him here in my space, but you can't fully know who I am without knowing a little bit about who he is. Appropriately, I have rescued a few photos from now-obliterated Myspace and am featuring them here. A flashback, of sorts.

One of our many nights cooking for two in our first apartment. We ate lots of nacho cheese in those days.

Taylor is my right half. We all know what the role of a husband is. More than a roommate and a contributor to the household budget, a husband is someone who started as a friend and will remain forever a friend, throughout the many stages in a woman's life. Taylor and I have been together over 8 years, and I can honestly say I haven't been closer to any non-blood-related person than I have been to Taylor. I chose to marry him, among many other reasons, because he knows me inside and out rather intimately and still loves me intently. Sees me as his future as much as I see him as mine.

Taylor is likely the most talented human being I have ever met and will ever meet in person. The man can whip up any genre of song in a day, and a good song at that. The song you will hit on repeat as you drive yourself to work in the morning. He can play anything, and writes, records, and produces music daily in his studio (our garage).

Again, our old apartment. This was before we married and I moved in.

Taylor grew up in the same city I did, where we first met in high school. Later we worked together at the same community center. We dated, then he dated my best friend. I was pretty sure in all my naive-19-year-old glory that I was going to marry him someday, even after he had moved on. Taylor was  5 foot, 6 inches in stature, but 10 feet in personality, and had charmed me in a way I wasn't prepared for at 19. I have never been acquainted with anyone so creative or passionate in my life.

Later I ended up in Costa Mesa, CA for college, and he lived in two cities over. Orange County is a big place, and I won't say exactly that I tried to find him while I was there, but it wasn't difficult. His band had a website, they had a show in the neighboring city one night, and something drew me back to him to see him play. Before long we were back in each other's lives.

Snowflakes with our old cat Harrison.

That was October 18th, 2003. Eight years ago my true love came back to me, and have been together almost every day since. He loves the color red, coffee, animals of all shapes and sizes, movies, snuggling, Pad Thai, the Beatles and Elliott Smith, his Chrysler 300, and working in the music industry. He is the perfect person to have by my side, to be my partner for life.


  1. Awww!!! I love this. You have a very cool "story of us." I'm not a big believer in fate, but it really does sound like it was meant to be :)


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