Nothing makes me feel more special to know that my husband and I are family. We aren't just married, we are family. We have no children yet, but with our fuzzy three keeping us on our toes, life is good. This is really the most important thing in life: family.

I love these photos of these three. Banjo the Dog and Vinyl Cat have a torrid relationship. Classic sibling rivalry, both vying for the attention of my husband (and sometimes, me, their mom. But mostly they seek approval from their dad. Sillies). Everyone is peaceful here. Snuggled on the couch on a Thursday night watching a movie, enjoying eachother's company. This is what life is about.

Not pictured: the ever elusive Weetzie Cat. The classic middle child.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving over here! I filled my grocery cart with goodies yesterday, including a 22.41 pound frozen turkey. Apples for my first pie. Yukon gold for the mashed potatoes (everyone requested these spud this year). A meat thermometer, brining bags. Apple cider and eggnog. We're almost set! (Now it's time to clean the house.)


  1. Uh, Banjo's gotten HUGE! Yeeowza, quite a difference from the last time I saw him. I love these pics - there's nothing better than a big ol' snuggle pile on a Thursday evening!


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