Merry and bright.

Quick hello!

I realized while Instant messaging a coworker today that there are only 19 shopping days to Christmas and I haven't even started yet. Sigh... one of these years I will get started in September like I always plan to.

Taylor and I are still making our way though the 22 pounds of Thanksgiving turkey, and made the most excellent green chile casserole last night. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The dog likes to eat glass ornaments off the Christmas tree. Yep. Not the brightest bulb, our little pup. Scolding over, and over, and over will work eventually, won't it?

I have been Twittering, lately. And odd pasttime. But fun! I hope you will follow me if you aren't already!

Okay! Back soon with a more substantial post. I have them in me, I swear. The holiday do stress a girl out!


  1. Haha, I love that our pup eats baubles, my cats just hit them.. and stare at the lights xx

  2. Eeek i know chrismas shopping frightens me! O_O

    Aww your dog sounds so cute (if a little dim! hehe) xxx


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