Week and a half.

Happy Saturday friends!

 It's been a very busy week and a half. My first Thanksgiving was very successful. My huge turkey was roasted to perfection, my first apple pie deliciously tart, my macaroni & cheese gooey and crunchy at the same time. It was wonderful to have my family and my husband's family together on a such a special holiday. On black Friday, Taylor and I stayed indoors most of the day, cleaning up. Saturday was spent at Disneyland to celebrate my 30th birthday. Sunday we went bowling with Taylor's family. By Monday we were back at work, and the whirlwind wasn't over. Everyday after work we had things to do (like go to the movies on my birthday!) and we weren't home very much. And of course, I didn't get any photos. This weekend, I am looking forward to staying home and getting a Christmas tree and lights and that's about it. Sometimes it's nicest to stay home and drink coffee all day long. Oh, and we might take puppy to see Santa Paws.

For now, we've gotten a few Christmas things out of storage, nutcrackers and some cute ornaments. Christmas balls in the glassware in our china cabinet. Springs of pine from the tree in our front yard. (Which reminds me, I really need to rake up all the fallen branches and leaves from the crazy wind that hit Southern California a couple of days ago.) So, that is plan plan this weekend. Do a whole lotta nothing and enjoying every minute of it. I hope yours is just as nice!