Sunday, March 4, 2012

baby boy? or baby girl?

Friday morning I went to my 16 week appointment. They checked my sugars & protein levels (good), my blood pressure (doing great!) and measured my little bump (right on the money...). We talked about headaches and drinking coffee and listened to our baby's heartbeat. Then the question came up. When could we find out our baby's gender??? We were on pins & needles and just wanted to know who our baby was as soon as possible. (We're not the most patient couple.) And besides, the little booklet she has given us two months prior had said they could tell us as early as 15 weeks. We were already a week behind!

The nurse gave us a quick ultrasound so we could take a little peek at our baby, but her scanner in the office was not a fancy one and our little one had their legs crossed right over the goods anyway. My anatomy scan was scheduled in five weeks to check the development of the internal organs, and we could find out the gender then. But then she also recommended we try a place called Fetal Focus at the local mall. They had a level 3 scanner and trained ultra sound technicians that could tell us the sex of our baby today for about $40. The moment we left the doctor's office Taylor wanted to drive to the mall. He didn't want to wait another second! But with Friday being a work day, I had to make it back to the office for a conference call, so ditching work for the rest of the day wasn't an option. I called Fetal Focus on my lunch, and made an appointment for 6:30 p.m. that evening.

When the moment of truth finally arrived (after what felt like hours laying on a table with the cold scanner on my belly), I was in shock. It was wonderful and breathtaking to finally know who our baby was, but to tell the truth I was a little disappointed. They day I found out I was pregnant I had a gut feeling about what our baby was, but it was not what I was hoping for. Before today, I still had hope to hold on to that my gut feeling was wrong. Now that I was hearing it from a trained technician who said she was 100% positive of our baby's gender, I couldn't believe it.

We walked around the mall and finally got to buy some gender-specific baby clothes, but I kept looking to the other side of the stores at the other gender, feeling a little sad. I had to get over it, though! My baby would be happy and healthy and I would love that little bundle with all of my heart. But preparing for baby would now take some adjusting....

By Saturday morning I felt a million times better about the whole thing, and I was excited to tell our whole family! To plan the nursery. To start picking middle names to go with the baby name we had picked out and were set on using so many years ago. We spent several hours taking photos and making a little announcement to email to everyone we knew....

I can't believe it! Taylor and I are super happy and can't wait to meet our little baby Elliott!!


  1. Oh Charlotte, I'm so happy for you! My friend at work had a baby girl recently and was CONVINCED it was going to be a boy/really really wanted a boy. She said that as soon as she met baby Rose none of that mattered anymore, and she now couldn't imagine having it any other way


  2. That's the most frickin adorable announcement ever!

    You're totally entitled to feel a bit disappointed. It's good that you found out early so you have lots of time to prepare your mind and get used to the idea. That baby is going to be the most adored and well-dressed on the planet (well, equal to mine anyway!) regardless of the gender, and I know when the moment comes you are going to cherish having a son. A SON!

    Besides, the love that little boys (and big boys) have for their mamas is unparalleled. It's a very special relationship that you're beginning :-)

  3. omg what funny and beautiful pics!!! congrats to u guys, u make a great couple =)

  4. So exciting!! Congratulations! I bet you will be so thrilled to meet him.

    P.S. I'm unsubscribing from all my blogs to tidy up my virtual space a bit...but don't worry, I'll keep up with you!

  5. Aww I love this post! Congratulations hope your all doinjg well
    Congratulations again :)


  6. This is the cutest ever! So sweet. Congratulations!
    New follow in me. <3