Friday, March 16, 2012

eighteen weeks.

Eighteen weeks... two more weeks and we're halfway done.  Holey moley! I don't know if it's just my imagination, but I feel like the belly has made huge strides this week. I am a little nervous that I am already this big so early... will I turn into a whale? I'm eating like one, that's for darn sure.

 This week Taylor and I picked out paint colors for Elliott's room, and also bought some metal, um, things at the Pasadena Flea Market to turn into a decorative art piece for his room. We want to paint a wall mural in the nursery to commemorate Elliott's namesake (in softer, sweeter baby boy colors) and Taylor spent a few hours looking at vintage 60's movie posters online to inspire more artwork in the room. Our ideas are coming together! I always knew what my baby girl's nursery would look like but this baby boy's room I had to chew on for a bit. I like gender specific things... either very masculine or very feminine. It's a matter of taste, and I really did want my nursery to feel like a little boy's or little girl's room and not like I bought everything at Babies R Us. (No offense Babies R Us... I am sure I will be visiting you much more frequently in the coming months!)

This weekend is forecasted to be cold and rainy, so I am looking forward to maybe reorganizing and making a big pot of stew. I hope your weekend treats you well, friends!


  1. You look so cute for 18 weeks! Don't worry about how big your belly is as long as your baby and you are both healthy!

    And your nursery sounds like it'll be amazing! Please post pictures of your projects so we can all see it come together!

    ♥ Duckie.


  2. OMG it DOES look a lot bigger!! You're a little pregnant soon-to-be mamma!

    I really gotta get to talking with your sister/mom/Jill about a baby shower, all of this is going so fast! (I'm sure it's much faster for you lol)

    Love that skirt :)