Friday, March 9, 2012

seventeen weeks.

I swear Banjo really loves kisses.

Yesterday marked 17 weeks of pregnancy over here. A lot has happened in the last week; we found out we were having a boy, I began to feel okay about having a boy, and I got some cute baby vintage in the mail that I ordered from Etsy. I also said goodbye to the warehouse where my office has set up shop for the last 10 months while my company was renovating our department's entire building. Yep, 10 months to put up some cubicles. I tell you.

If I could describe pregnancy with one word, it would be this: hungry. Maybe I missed the memo, but this is not one of the symptoms they mention when you're trying to self-diagnose yourself with a case of the preggies. Sore boobs, missed period, chronic bitchiness, sudden urge to puke at the sight of uncooked eggs (or raw meat, cabbage, grilled cheese sandwiches, take your pick), etc. etc. No where does it say you'll eat like a pig every hour and still feel like you haven't eaten in two days. Thank goodness I work in a office where people like to eat. I have been hoarding jelly beans and oranges in my desk, bags of Sun Chips in my purse, and boxes upon boxes of multigrain Cheerios. We actually go through a whole container of milk before it spoils these days. I never used to eat breakfast, and now if I don't I regret it an hour later.

Couple that with the drastic decrease in my caffeine intake...wow, it's been a wild ride so far. It will be interesting when the tiny baby flutters turn into full-on karate chops.


  1. Ok, this makes pregnancy sound AMAZING. Love all your updates. Can't wait for the karate chops! =)

    P.S. You are looking lovely.