sixteen weeks.

Sixteen weeks pregnant today!

I have been sporting a little bump about this size since mid-January it seems and now it is likely comprised of a lot more baby and shifted internal organs than bloat and ice cream as it was back then.

I haven't felt much like talking about my pregnancy here yet, mostly because I came to realize that it is true what they say: those first couple months are somewhat miserable.  I wanted to sleep all the time. I couldn't step into my kitchen as the pure sight of it made me want to barf. Hormonal and moody and eating nothing but ice cream. That's what the first trimester is like, my friends. At least for me, it was. Many get off easier, and many get off far, far worse.

Now it's about five & a half months from my August 16th due date, and its still sinking in little by little. We have a room set aside for the baby, but now it's filled with all the crap from the house that we don't want to look at and shut the door on. I haven't purchased one baby thing yet even though there's been many weak moments where I really wanted to buy a teeny little outfit that a mini-Charlotte Joy would wear. We plan on finding out the gender as soon as possible but we're still so far away from that 20-week ultrasound that August 16th seems like a million years away. But it's heading here, fast, like a speeding bullet. The little avocado-sized baby inside me is already almost fully formed and is getting a little bigger each day.

Really, I still can't believe it.


  1. I hope you're feeling a little happier now :)

    A diet of ice cream doesn't sound too awful! (though I guess it could get a little boring.. and cold) x

  2. Congratulations! This is just lovely.

    So glad to see you are following my blog, and I'm following you too, because I love your space! The kitty design is my favorite. =) Can't wait to see more of you!


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