Tuesday, March 6, 2012

spring come quickly.

Plum blossoms in my backyard

Spring.... I have seen her face a few days since 2012 began but today it's back to gray skies and chilly winds. I am thrilled to see Sunday come when the daylight will last until after 6:30 p.m. Pining for sandals and dresses and a trip to Santa Barbara.

Over the weekend Spring came. The windows in our home were wide open letting a calm breeze come through. I spent Sunday morning cleaning our home and shopping for vintage baby clothes on Etsy. Some time in the studio with the daylight grazing in. Taking my silly scruffy pup for a walk without a sweater. Spring is a time to paint our living room a bright yellow, our kitchen a mint green, and decide on a fantastic wall color for a little boy's nursery. To spend the afternoon at the flea market buying things for our home. To lay outside under the plum trees painting with watercolor. A time for kittens to stalk through wet green grass... to finally start firing up the barbeque. How I do love sitting by a fireplace drinking hot tea as the rains pour down noisily outside, but really, there isn't any season quite like spring.

Spring.... come quickly! We're waiting for your return.

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  1. This sounds SO lovely! And that picture has me breathing deeply...I can almost smell those fresh blooms!

    I just did a spring post too...looks like everyone has the fever. =)