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The day we found out we were having a little boy, we promptly went to the mall to look at baby clothes. My plan had been all along to go find out the gender, then shop my little heart out. Thinking the news wouldn't phase me. That I'd be thrilled to finally know and start getting ready, already!

Well, while my husband, mom, sister, and mother-in-law all excitedly looked at baby boy clothes, I looked longingly at the baby girl clothes. In shock. Taylor and the others kept showing me things that they thought were cute, and I would respond with a sigh, "Yeah, that's cute." Blue, brown, and orange clothes didn't quite thrill me the way the little polka dot dresses did on the other side of the store. And why did all the boy clothes have monkeys or trucks on them anyway? Where were the cool baby clothes?

Later that evening when we stopped by my mother-in-law's house to drop her off, she quickly brought out all these baby clothes from the 70's and 80's that husband and alllllll three of his rambunctious brothers wore when they were babies. I quickly perked up. There was even a piece from the 60's that my husband's much older cousin had passed down to them. The colors and styles were much different than the new clothes we had seen at the mall. No. This baby vintage had turned my baby boy blues into excitement! I might actually be able to wrap my head around this whole having-a-boy business after all.

We are going to be getting a ton of hand-me-downs from our two little nephews, so we won't be buying a ton of baby vintage, but I can still sneak a little piece in here and there. For now, here's a couple of cute pieces to leave you with!

From this Etsy shop

Jumper from the late 60's, hand-me-down to my husband and his brothers

From this Etsy shop


  1. AHHHHH the little sailor suit!!! See, boys are wonderful... if for no other reason than they can be dressed like wee little sailors. And that striped jumper = to die for.

  2. Adorable! I had two girls before having my son and the excitement for baby boy clothes kinda dies once you hit the department store. The "cool" boy clothes don't start happening until they're a little older.

    I love those vintage pieces! Wish I had a few hand me downs like those when my son was still tiny!

    ♥ Duckie.

  3. Love them all, so excited to get some of them (the ones that last!) when we have kids someday! I just went on Etsy and drooled over baby stuff...everything is so darn cute, but it's definitely harder to find boy stuff. I'm excited for his room!


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