Wednesday, April 4, 2012

four four two thousand and twelve.

Today was almost like any other day. Got up, drank coffee (just a little!) went to work, ate a yogurt, spoke to various customers on the phone about various issues and questions, and emails, emails, emails. (Always emails.)

Today was also the day we went to our 21 week anatomy ultrasound. You know, the ultrasound appointment where they tell you the sex of the baby. Already knowing the sex, we still had to go to check Elliott's organ development. Spine, heart, kidneys, brain. Make sure everything was there and accounted for. We don't find out the results of the ultrasound for a week or so, but we're confident things are alright with our baby. The real fun was: 1. getting confirmation it' that it is in fact a boy (now that I have lived with it for a month, I would have been pretty upset to hear otherwise) and 2. seeing the little guy flip and squirm and stretch inside my belly. And feeling him move while watching the movements on the screen. Watching him flex his tiny little fingers. Seeing his teeny (almost skeletal) little face. Another moment spent this evening getting teary-eyed while looking at the crib.

The other odd, surprising, yet very cool thing? Opening up my front door to find a little note:

Honestly, we rarely go in & out our front door these days (we enter through a side door in the kitchen), so I am not sure quite how long that note was sitting there waiting for us. But it was a fun thing to find. A little note from the past proving that there was lots of love in our house before we ever got here. Our home was built in 1959 or so, and all we know of it is that it was a boy's group home in the 90s & early 2000s. Renters lived it for several more years, and by the time it was foreclosed on in 2010, according to some of our neighbors, it was trashed. Windows broken, doors ripped off hinges, holes in the walls. Fortunately, an investor bought it, fixed it up, and sold it to us! We couldn't be happier with this place, and are so excited to raise our kids here.

Now, time to hunt down this Diana person on Facebook and get actual photos of our house from the 60s & 70s...

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  1. It would be pretty upsetting to find out you were actually having a girl, especially since you got all those cute boy clothes and nursery ideas set already!

    And what a nice note! Things like that are so amazing. We once had two old women show up at my parents' house in Hawaii when I was younger. They were sisters and had lived there when they were little. It was really cool to think that they shared the same room as my sister and I did. One of the women even started crying because of all the happy memories that she had.

    You should definitely find her! It would be really cool to hear her stories!

    ♥ Duckie.