small town life.

A few quick shots of our morning commute with my retro camera app. We live a small town life over here, the rolling hills slowly building more and more faith into me that living in a small town is a wonderful way to live. When we bought our home almost exactly a year ago we feared we wouldn't be happy here. We moved here from a busier city with a bustling outdoor culture; lots of beautiful parks, people walking their dogs and pushing their babies in strollers, little neighborhood cafes with coffee & freshly made lemonade, street after street of cute, well-cared for homes... it was hard to leave our old neighborhood to come live in this town next door. We always felt like this town was just too rural for our lifestyle and just not hip enough. But we fell in love with a home (that we could afford) and decided to make the move. So happy we did. The goats and cows and junkyards are starting to seem, well, charming!

Happy one year to our little house. We love you, little house, and we cannot wait to raise our family here.


  1. Small town life can be charming! And with a baby on the way, it'll definitely be a GREAT place to raise your family in.

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. That first pic makes me feel dizzy! Small town life is great :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. I can't believe you've been there for a year! It's gone by so fast. I love your home so much, it's just perfect.


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