Sunday, April 15, 2012

twentytwo weeks.

A bit late (I turned 22 weeks on Thursday) but better late than never! Week 21 was a little rough. On Saturday we did some gardening (including two trips to the nursery) and by the end of the day I was worn out! It took all of Easter Sunday & Monday to recover.

Nesting is in full swing around here, and I am not the only one bitten by that bug. My husband and I have an enormous to-do list that includes painting every room in the house, re-doing landscaping in our front yard, adding a vegetable garden, and putting in a paver-stone pad in the backyard to put our barbeque on. Oh, and redoing an entire spare bedroom to make it an awesome nursery. That's quite a bit to pack into four months, but I think we can do it!

Yesterday my husband put in some paver stones in our front yard to extend our front porch a little for easier access to our hanging swing. Poor Taylor. He really wanted to work on this project yesterday but being pregnant I couldn't help him with any of the heavy lifting. I handed him tools, helped with leveling, and made a run to the hardware store to get extra bags of sand. We aren't quite done (we want to get that pipe in the far left corner cut down) but 11 of the 12 60-pound stones are in, and they look quite fantastic! Before & after photos to come once the whole thing is put in & landscaped.

Happy Sunday friends!

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  1. Wow you're really planning on doing an overhaul on your house! I can't wait to see finished pictures, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

    ♥ Duckie.