'round here.

'Round here the plum trees are working around the clock to fill their branches with buckets full of sweet red fruit. It was a chilly, rainy (and sometimes snowy!) winter followed by a hot hot spring, so we may see even more fruit than last year. Let's hope!

There are flies in my living room, family room, and kitchen. My husband left the door open this afternoon, letting out the cool air conditioning (and our money) and letting in some buzzing pest. It's hot so the kitties would rather cat nap than catch these insects.

We have a vegetable garden chock full of seedlings: 11 tomato varieties, two eggplant varieties, 3 chile plants, a butternut squash plant and a cucumber. I am already noticing little baby tomatoes growing. It's been a bit hot and I recently noticed that one of our sprayers (connected to our sprinkler system) was broken so a few of these plants weren't getting the water they needed. I fixed it this weekend and am hoping a few wilted plants will come back. If not, it's still early, I have time to replace them.

I am getting sick of my blog layout again. I am never satisfied.

I am thinking of making lemon squares tonight. Taylor promised to barbeque up some chicken, and a lemony dessert sounds wonderful. On the flip side, turning on the hot oven sounds terrible.

Doesn't this watermelon frosty recipe sound amazing? I may dig out my melon-baller while the lemon bars are in the oven and freeze up some watermelon in time to make these tomorrow.

Seriously, when you are pregnant, you don't think about anything except food. And how annoyed you are that there are flies in the living room.

Happy Monday evening, friends!