old house.

While our house isn't crazy old, it's pretty old. 53 years to be exact. It occurred to Taylor & I when were were house shopping that we would have to be making that decision: old house or new house? Of course, we could always choose a moderately old or a moderately new house, but the architecture of homes in our neighborhood built between the 1970s & 1990s didn't really appeal to us. Most of those homes were new enough that they hadn't yet been modified by their original owners but old enough that their interiors were ghastly outdated. New homes are starting to look much more appealing again, with attractive facades, modern conveniences, open floor plans and lack of baggage.

Many of our friends have purchased newer homes in the last few years, but ultimately Taylor and I decided that homes built in the 50s and 60s were a great fit. We loved the architecture, they still have several modern conveniences like central heating & air conditioning, and they're not too old to be falling apart yet. If a home of this age hadn't been updated yet, I actually liked the way the kitchens and bathrooms looked. Also, no ghosts. I'll never forget the time we went to look at a house from the 1920s, and I was fairly certain there was a ghost living it. I had to decline.

There are many, many reasons to love old homes! Here are some of mine:

Squeaky floors

Energy-inefficient windows. Maybe they aren't efficient, but they are so much more charming than the newer, more efficient windows.

Mature landscaping

Your home has history, and you have neighbors that have lived in the neighborhood for decades that can share your home's history with you.

Older homes tend not to be cookie-cutter. It appears that a portion of our neighborhood was developed around the same time, but several homes look like they may be older or newer than our house just based on their exterior. No two houses in our neighborhood look the same, and there is certainly not a house that looks like ours. Every home is unique.

Vintage paint colors look fantastic in your living room.

Original features in older homes have a vintage charm. Crown molding. Sometimes they have original wood flooring! (Alas, ours does not. We're planning on installing wood floors in the future.)

You get cute notes on your porch like this. I swear it made our day (from a prior post).

Happy Mother's Day everyone! :)


  1. Happy Mother's Day mama-to-be! I live in an older home (grandfather built it in the 60's) but I think I'd much rather prefer a newer home. Less repairs and changes to make.

    ♥ Duckie.


  2. Oh my goodness...I love that front door! How pretty.

    I agree with the charm of a slightly older home. We moved to a new home when I was 12, and though I loved it, it never had the same lived-in feel of our other houses...even after years of living there.


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