'round here.

Blah. That's how I feel this week so far. It's only Tuesday, and all I can think about is the busy weekend ahead. No rest for me for the next 5 days! May have to recuperate on Monday.

Not to start out this post with a negative tone or anything.

'Round here we have been taking our funny little dog-beast to the dog park. Last week we took him for a walk in our neighborhood and he barked and barked at our neighbor's Great Dane and Australian Shepard in the most annoyingly little-dog-complex kinda way. All (debatable) 12 pounds of him. We hadn't seen that side of him before, so we decided we needed to start making regular trips to expose him to dogs of all shapes and sizes. He gets a little standoffish and bark-y at the park but once he's been there a little while he seems to settle in. No little-dog-complexes in this house, please.

I skipped yesterday's journal prompt because I was at the dog park, and then promptly fell asleep when I got home. I have the case of the sleepies this week- hopefully I'll catch up this evening.

I made a chocolate cream cheese pie in a moment of sugar-craving weakness and my husband has been eating pretty much all of it on his own. We are not the healthiest eaters in this house. I love a good salad, but we also love cheese, cookies, and ice cream in this house, and I will not apologize for it. I am making shrimp nachos for dinner tonight and I refuse to feel guilty!

I have two little handmade baby projects I need to work on, but I can't share them here since one of the recipients reads my blog. Has Summer 2012 been the time for babies or what? I know two babies due in July and two more in August (in addition to my own) and it's just nuts! And awesome. I can't wait to spend a bunch of time on my maternity leave playing with babies and getting support from all these new moms.

Baby Elliott's room is a bit of a train-wreck right now. We need to put his furniture back and work on the mural I want to paint in his room. With all the Father's Day plans we have going on this weekend, I have yet another reason to procrastinate on that project. Good thing Elliott isn't due for two more months!

Today we got home and realized that we left the nursery door open. Banjo had gone in and grabbed my little Pound Puppy I have had since the mid-80's and ripped out his eyes and nose and all the stuffing in his face. I am kind of pissed about that. Pound Puppy was going to go to Elliott's room, and now he has to go in a box in the closet (because even though he has no face I can't bear to part with him).

How is your Tuesday going?


  1. My Tuesday was fine, thank you for asking! ;-) How sad that one of your pound puppies ate the other one... dogs man, so high maintenance!


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