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Coffee with hubby & Banjo!

Days are starting to get hot, long, and expensive. It's almost the weekend and even though I am not working I am looking forward to it, since Taylor will be home with me. It's fantastic to stay home and prepare for baby boy (and, let's be straight here: nap) but I do miss my hubby during the day. I'm 39 weeks today. Yesterday at my doctor's appointment I found I was a little over 1 cm dilated but not quite 2 cms. He asked about my interest in inducing if I go past next Thursday, and if I'd like him to strip my membranes at 40 weeks if I hadn't gone into labor. After research and thought, I think baby Elliott will come on his own when he's ready, and I'd rather go overdue than force him to come early. Also, this membrane stripping business sounds a bit uncomfortable. Baby is moving quite a bit today and something tells me I won't be waiting too much longer. I should just hang in there.

A thunderstorm is threatening to boom through our area today. The wind is blowing but it's still 103 degrees outside. A little rain would be nice even if it's steaming wet on the pavement. There's rotting plums from our plum tree on the ground that need to be raked up & tossed out but quite frankly it's a job better left for someone else, and not me. I'm sweating enough inside the house with the air conditioning on as it is.

Boiled potatoes are sitting in the fridge cooling, waiting to be made into potato salad, and there's ribs in the crock pot. Taylor will be home in a few hours....I can't wait.


  1. This is a lovely post :) I hope Elliott makes an entrance soon, it sounds like you're getting a little uncomfortable over there xx


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