'round here.

'Round here our world has been rocked, our world has been rolled. We're parents. I don't intend for this blog to become a baby blog, per se, but oh! Taking care of this little boy has been all encompassing.

Friday afternoon we ended up having to take baby boy to the E.R. at the recommendation of our pediatrician, due to Elliott's bilirubin levels. We ended up spending the evening at the local children's hospital. That was a huge bummer. We took shifts, however, and I got 5 hours of peaceful sleep at home before Taylor called announcing that Elliott was discharged, and he was bringing home. It may have been the last time I'll have five hours of solid sleep for a long, long time.

Breast feeding mamas get complimentary meals at the hospital! I am actually not breast feeding due to Elliott's latching issues. We're still trying, but I am pumping my little heart out over here.  

That same day we got a flat on Taylor's car. Life can be a bitch.

My husband turned 32 this week. We ate sushi, had a little chardonnay (just a sip for me) and coconut cream pie at home. Taylor chose a movie and I passed out on the couch. Banjo finished my pie for me. What a helpful pup!

Banjo really seems to like Elliott. On more than one occasion he brought a toy over to baby and tossed it right on top of him, so he could throw it. Baby's toes have also gotten lots of puppy kisses.

Taylor has written several songs for Elliott and plays guitar for him in his room. We rocked countless Disney records (on baby's very own record player) and sang Spoon Full of Sugar while changing his diaper.

I still feel like I am recovering from having a baby after 11 days. I have to pop a prescription Ibuprofen once a day and my stitches ache constantly. No one ever tells you it takes this long to recover from childbirth, but I guess that's why you get 6 weeks of disability from the State of California!


  1. What a gorgeous gorgeous baby!! Sorry to hear you're having latching issues, a guy I work with had that when his wife had a baby recently and found it very frustrating! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get 5 hours of sleep again soon ;) x


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