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Quick peek of the goings-on 'round here...

Last week, Taylor started an adult basketball league at the local community center. He has his second game this evening. He's the littlest guy on the team and it's probably been 10 years since the last time he's played competitive organized basketball (but has shot lots of hoops over the years at nearby school yards & in our drive way). I'll be waddling up the bleachers and rooting him on. Go SoCal Kings!

I started maternity leave today. It's exactly two weeks from my due date so it felt like a good time to get some rest and otherwise get prepared for baby boy. I never thought I'd have so much anxiety about leaving work. Yesterday was awful; I just felt stressed the entire day about leaving things unfinished (mostly because I'm coming back to it all come November..). Today was much better. I didn't rest much (took doggy for a walk, cleaned the entire house...) but there was a sense of calm I haven't felt in a while. Life will indeed be different for the next few weeks, and then they'll be changing again.

I learned that the butternut squash plant I put in a few months back was not in fact a butternut squash. Just a plain ol' yellow summer-zuchinni looking thing. Still a squash... but not what I had my heart set on.

Remember the journal challenge in June? Ooops. I kinda fell off of that. I guess I just had bigger fish to fry this summer...

I have been obsessed with the idea of going yard sale-ing this weekend. I planned out our route last weekend all before 7:30 a.m., but when Taylor got up he planted his butt in front of the TV and watched the Olympic games. Foiled! I want to get one last yard sale trip in before baby comes, because inevitably, going yard sale-ing with a baby sounds a bit complicated. Do-able, but complicated. Two weeks ago we ended up going yard sale-ing on a Sunday morning about 10 a.m. (not peak yard sale hours) and spent $3.50 on two very retro transistor radios, a working Polaroid camera (still have yet to spend the $80 on expired film....), and a Color Helm from the 1940's. The four items are really just serving as decoration at the moment, but it felt like a great score that day. What a high!

Banjo really seemed to enjoy having his mama home with him all day...

We stopped by a local pediatric group office today and met a neonatalogist (who also sees healthy babies). How does one actually choose a pediatrician anyway? I mean, we have a widely accepted insurance plan. Isn't that all we need to make sure of? That they take our insurance? Something tells me I have a lot to learn in this arena.

And speaking of babies, two of my friends have had babies in the last week. They were both due before me, so I was counting on them as being my "marker" for when it will start to get really real; having a baby I mean. I always knew this entire pregnancy that Baby Sawyer was coming, then Baby Amaliya.....and then Baby Elliott. Oh dear. Baby girl Sawyer was born on 7/25 and baby girl Amaliya on 7/29. No more marker. Baby is coming! Things are getting real, you guys!!

And yet another item to freak me out: tomorrow is our last childbirth class. Eeep!

And... that's it. Off to empty the dryer and fold some onesies. Happy evening!


  1. oh, banjo! your face gets my heart every time!


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