Oh, coffee. Thank God for you. With baby boy sleeping in his swing and husband in bed, I finally get a quiet moment alone with you.

Am I nuts to already be thinking about baby number 2? I miss being pregnant. The bond you have with that little life inside you is precious. I am happiest of clams to be holding Elliott in my arms, but how jealous I feel when anyone other than my own husband is hold him. I want him all to myself. To embrace him constantly. I miss feeling those little kicks. Those moments in bed alone that are just me and baby, no one else. To be woken up by butterflies inside my belly instead of screams to be changed and fed. I miss those days.

Our first fur-baby (Banjo) is handling this all very well, but I miss the moments with him too. Early morning walks, snuggles. We have been playing with him a ton and giving him as much attention as we can, but it's much less attention than normal. I love that little sweetie pie pup! I am (sort of!) looking forward to Elliott getting older so they can bond and play and be best friends. That doggy already loves baby boy, we can tell. There's no grudges there for taking all of the attention.

And of course, my husband. We've stolen a few quiet moments together as baby slept, but I know our relationship will never be the same. It feels stronger, really. We brought a precious little life into the world together, we are proud parents together. We have a whole new respect for one another and I love that man a hundred times more deeply than I did two weeks ago. But our quiet moments may be fewer and farther between for a while. Even though we're in the same bed, we're trying to steal moments of sleep instead of pillow talk. Life has changed.

Now it's time for a refill.


  1. This is such a nice post, it's refreshing to see you admit to being jealous of people holding your baby too, most new mothers pretend theyre happy with it but you can see in their eyes that they want baby all to themselves lol xx


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