7:15 am Friday morning, a few moments before Taylor left for work. We all had our coffee!

Wow. It's Sunday night.

Aside from having a lovely dinner at a friend's cozy home (carne asada!) and getting to meet their adorable  11-day old baby girl, this weekend has been somewhat uneventful.

Friday I spent that day with my mom, grocery shopping & filling my freezer with homemade meals for that adjustment period. Saturday I spent the day in pajamas and finally got dressed at 6 p.m. to go have dinner. Today has been quiet. Taylor & I spent a few hours picking up around the house before a friend of Taylor's came over (they're now making lots of noise music in the studio). Meanwhile, Banjo and I have put in some serious couch time in front of the television (nope. No Olympics). Now it's getting dark. I'd care typically, but tomorrow is day three of maternity leave and I plan on spending my day doing a whole lot of not much of anything.

I still have quite a few things to do to get prepared for this baby. Due in a week and a half, he could come any day now (or even be a little late, which is more likely I think).

Thing's I've left to do but have been putting off:

-Preregister at the hospital
-Pack hospital bag (i.e. pick up luggage from the storage unit)
-Vacuum cars & install car seats
-Finish baby shower thank you cards
-Order changing pad cover and rocker
-Figure out the circumcision issue with my OB
-Write birth plan
-Practice (and reacquaint myself with) breathing exercises & positioning learned in childbirth classes

I have to say, I am looking forward to a couple of quiet weeks at home alone before the baby arrives. Tomorrow I plan on knocking a couple of things off the list and then leisurely exploring a local antique mall. Maybe meeting up with husband for lunch? Maternity leave is definitely awesome... I don't think I ever want to go to work again.