a walk.

A few days ago I dropped Banjo and the baby off at my parents' house while I went to the doctor for my six week postpartum check up. When I came back, I decided to take my little pup for a walk through my old neighborhood while Elliott napped. Poor Banjo has taken a backseat to little baby Elliott, and while we do play with him quite a bit he hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as he did before the baby was born. He seems to be taking it well. It was nice to get out and have one-on-one, mommy and doggie time.

It made me feel a little nostalgic, walking through the neighborhood that I spent my teen years in. Little did I know ten years ago as I jogged these sidewalks that I'd be walking them a decade later with my pup, a wife and mother. How far I've come since I moved from this neighborhood.

I still visit my parents often since they live a mere 13 minute drive from my house, but it's been a long, long time since I have given a good look to this neighborhood. Houses have been painted, landscaped redone, sold and resold. A place, a landmark, may change, but it will always hold memories to look back on later.


  1. Ahhh, what a beautiful post. Our dog is about to face the same prospect when we have our second wee one. When we had our first (now 7) he had to go and stay with my parents for a few months as he was very 'interested' in the new baby and I just didn't want the stress! Luckily he goes to my parents on a reasonably regular basis (when we go away etc) so he's fine. I'm hoping that this time round he's calmer so we can keep him here with us.Rx


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