banjo & baby.

Oh, these two, my two little loves.

There is nothing in the world like a dog. I have always been a self-proclaimed cat person. But this dog. He loves. He loves with his whole heart. There's nothing I want more than these two babies to be best friends. To run in the yard in the sprinklers in the hot summer time, giggling and barking. To fall asleep together in a fort made of dining room chairs and blankets.

The moment we brought baby Elliott home Banjo stared, wide eyed, peering into the bassinet. He knew baby Elliott was fragile, and that he needed to be gentle. Puppy kisses on baby toes and fingers galore. Happily obliging mom for a snuggly photo of baby and pup.

Friends forever.


  1. Adorable! I always love to see new babies getting along well with pets. :)

  2. So sweet :) We had a dog when i was growing up, he used to guard my crib when visitors came over, and when my brother was born he would go between our bedrooms checking in on us both for the entire night. Such a sweetheart x

  3. Beautiful photo! Even though my son is 7 and we're expecting another baby, our dog Gizzy (aged 11) is still referered to as our 'hairy baby' and Ben even calls him his hairy brother! Lovely blog- especially as I'm 30 and expecting a little one soon.I'm following. Rx


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