'round here.

1. A harvest of tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, a cucumber, and an early fallen persimmon from my vegetable garden. 2. Baby manicure. 3. Messing around with watercolors during baby's naptime.

This week has been quiet, quiet, quiet compared to last week. Last week I drove Taylor's car to Target and bumped into another car while attempting to park. I dinged up Taylor's car as well as the other car (ugh! I left them a note with my phone number). To make matters worse, a few days later someone backed into his rear end while it was parked at his office. So now the front and back ends are dinged and scratched. My poor husband, he's not happy about it.

I think Elliott hit a growth spurt earlier this week. He ate every two hours and cried the whole day. Contrasted to Wednesday & Thursday: he was happy and wide awake most of the day but only ate every four hours, and slept through five hours both nights! I think I got my first smile out of him this week too!

It's the first day of fall, and it's cloudy! Too soon to break out the pumpkins, though. It's nearly 90 degrees and I am sure it will burn off.

I dutifully planted a vegetable garden when I was 6 months pregnant... but as time went on, it got hotter outside, and I grew bigger, it became harder to take care of. The weeks after Elliott's birth I completely forgot about it... oops. I went out there this week with Elliott and picked massive amounts of mini tomatoes, and lots of peppers and eggplants. I cleared out several dead plants (sad!). And I ate my first homegrown cucumber! That was fun. Thank goodness I have the garden set up with automatic sprinklers.

It occurred to me this week I need to begin working on my Sketchbook.

I discovered the blog of Casey Wiegand, and I am in love! Her sweet family is so cute and she is a talented artist; she puts true emotion & thought into the words she posts on her blog. I have been looking forward to her posts each day for a week now!

Happy weekend, my friends!