oh, dear.

Call us crazy, but we're already tossing around baby boy #2 names. Taylor and I have had our baby names picked out forever, prior to our engagement, even! It really was nice to have baby's name waiting in the wings, and while we still have our top girl pick figured out since 2008 (Penelope), our sneaking suspicion is that baby #2 will be a boy also. (Oh! How I want a girl. We'll see. It would be awesome for Elliott to have a little brother.) My top picks: Oliver or Archer (the vowel-ed first letter sounds amazing with big bro Elliott's name!). Taylor's: Rider or Harper; I have to insist that Harper is better suited as a girl's name.

Either way, they all end in er.

Wait. Why are we thinking about baby #2 so soon? Elliott is only four weeks old! Really, we'd like our two littles (yes, the plan is for two kids. Two and done) to be very close in age, between one and two years apart. Realistically, we'd like to start thinking about getting pregnant again when Elliott is 6 months or so old. That's nuts, I tell you! But really, I am absolutely not getting pregnant in late Autumn again only to line the tail end of my pregnancy up with the hottest Southern California months. Heck no. Heck no. So maybe next Spring or summer we may try again?

If we had another baby boy, how in the world we we decorate his room? I was perplexed enough on how to do Elliott's room. You see: I had my baby girl's nursery all figured out. Yellows, peaches, and greens, covered in this lemon printed fabric. A cute mural of smiling fruit on the wall. I really had to rack my tired pregnant brain to figure out how to make Elliott's room whimsical and boyish without being overtly obvious. I think we did pretty good. Our third bedroom (currently my "studio," and I am using that term loosely) will be baby #2's room, and if it's a boy, I have no idea what direction we'll go. I guess if we're trying to have another baby in two-or-less years I'd better get cracking.

So seriously, friends, am I crazy?

Why this fixation on baby #2?

Aren't my sleepless nights enough to steer me away for a while?

Apparently not. Seeing anyone's baby bump turns me into the green eyed monster...

Seriously, someone smack me in the face.


  1. awwww, hahaha! actually I don't think you're crazy at all! I want to do the same if I am able to manage. My brothers and I are all one year apart, and I loved it! omg, if you have a girl though, Harper is a freaking awesome name!

    hope you are staying semi cool though, the heat will be over soon! (right? I hope? please? )

  2. LOL yes you're nuts, but that's okay. I think it's less about sticking rigidly to a plan when spacing your kids, and more about going on what "feels right." So if it feels right for you guys, then YAY MORE BABIES! You're going through this next pregnancy solo though - I've drawn the opposite conclusion, and I think I'm waiting until Amaliya is packed off to preschool before thinking about another one. But we'll see!

    Oliver and Archer are also my top two boys names! I don't think my husband will go for either one though... but we'll see when/if the time comes :-)


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