really quick.

It's Saturday!

I have grown a new fondness for weekends. Maternity leave has kept me happily away from work for the last six weeks, but the work week still feels like hard, grueling work sometimes. The weekends allow my husband to share the load, and oh! How I love my little one, but I also love for my husband to feed and change him too. I went to the salon today and got my first cut and color in months. Time to myself, and even though my stylist and I gabbed about our babies the entire time, it was nice to get away for a bit.

And so. We are off in a bit dressed in snazzy clothes (new dress for me, new jeans & a sweet hipster cardigan for baby, and a sexy button-down for my husband) to a grownup hot dog & dance party. Our little baby will be the only child there, and I will happily hand him off to grandparents & relatives to get my groove on and maybe even drink some wine. Maybe. We'll see. I just hope my sweet boy saves a couple dances for me.

But, at the moment: Baby naps after a bath in Burt's Bees baby wash and smells delicious. Makeup for me, a movie on the couch in boxer briefs for my husband. This is how we get ready for a party, people.


  1. Have fun! That boy seems to be getting cuter with every photo x


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