to elliott.

To my sweet, sweet, baby boy,

I have to say, when your dad and I found out we were expecting you, we were thrilled. We had tried for about a year and a half to have you, and when we finally got the news, I have never felt happier. As time when on, though, I felt more apprehensive about your arrival. I didn't know if I would be good enough to raise you. If I could rise to the challenge of parenting you for the rest of my life, through childhood, teenage years, adulthood. I know I might make mistakes in our life together. I may not always know what I am doing. When you were less than two weeks old I dropped my cell on your face while I was bending down to snap you into your car seat and it made you cry; it made me cry, too. I have never felt so unprepared and inadequate in my whole life as I did at that moment. Do know that in spite of all this you deserve the absolute best that the world has to offer and even in my shortcomings I will give you everything I am capable of. I have never loved anyone the way I love you.

Your birth and life has made me realize: I am meant to be a mother. Thank you, baby Elliott, for helping me become who I am meant to be. I will be giving my whole heart to be a good mother to you. How I look forward to these years to come; may they be filled with hugs & kisses, giggles & memories, and lots and lots of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Love forever and ever,

Your Mama


  1. Oh GAWD! *cries*

    Too sweet.

    I've totally dropped a phone on Amaliya's face too, trying to check Facebook while feeding her at 3am. I felt terrible!

  2. What a gorgeous bub! I love the name Elliot. I'm sure you are going to do (and are doing) a great job. Through your mistakes you will grow together. best of luck!


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