doing better.

My sweet little boy is doing better. I am still emotionally drained at this point, and even though I have so much to say about this experience, I could write a book, I don't have the energy. I have learned so many lessons this week, about gratitude, humility, trusting my instincts, being a mother, being a wife. Life doesn't end when something bad happens to you. Bad things in life are turned into experiences that shape who you are. Carving out new perspectives. I didn't think at 30 years old that I would change so much in a few weeks. I thought being a mother would change me. It has, but I was still slow to change after Elliott's birth. But now. Now I feel like I have aged a hundred years in the span of a week and a half. We've been given another chance to change for the better. Elliott's little wilde heart has made me a new person. He will always be a special little boy because of this, but I am becoming better because of him. It's a slow transformation, likely years to make, but I know it's happened.

I just love my sweet little boy and my wonderful little family.