four thirty a.m.

Four thirty a.m. Woke to feed baby, and found that his dad had put him in his footie pajammies and swaddled him up last night after I had gone to bed. It felt like the first cool night, cozy under the covers, for the first time since early spring. We didn't need to sleep with the windows open or the air conditioning on. Cozy. Warm covers. Nothing like it.

And then. As I fed him I felt a warm wetness on my leg. Baby pee. Diaper breach. I fed him for a few minutes longer and then I just couldn't take it. I put him in his baby swing for a moment, changed my pajammies, and then changed him. Another pair of footie pajammies, because there is nothing sweeter than a sweet baby in cozy footie pajammies. That's right. Not jammies. Not pajamas. Pajammies. That's what we call them over here, especially at four thirty in the morning. Footie pajammies. Just scrumptious.

And now, after two hours of fragmented sleep: coffee. Baby sleeping in his swing. It's still nice and cool in the house, so I sit here in my robe and slippers for the first time since early spring. Cozily drinking my coffee and blogging. Nothing could be sweeter.


  1. Ahhhh, I can't tell you how excited I am for this phase- still 20 weeks away, feels like forever!Rx

  2. I love those moments! Ahhh! What a handsome little man :)


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