3 months old.


Little boy turns three months old tomorrow! Though I knew I was in for a wild ride, I never knew having a child would be this intense. Having a child has brought in the best and worst out of me. I never knew I could love someone this much, so innately. Almost losing Elliott a month back has made me learn what a privilege it is to have a child, and how I would give up my life for his safety and health. I have learned to love him in a whole new way.

Elliott has grown so much this month in spite of being sedated in the hospital for two weeks. I really wish I hadn't failed to document his first and second months here, because now I am not exactly sure when he started smiling or cooing. But as of this week, he started to reach for toys or our faces and grab them! It was an exciting day! He is also starting to squeal with excitement, and is holding his head up strong while being held upright. He is not pushing up on his arms yet during tummy time; I think due to his heart condition it is a little tough for him. Tummy time = meltdown.

Being swaddled & snuggled
Listening to records in his room (particularly Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
Diaper changes
Watching TV (ooops...)
The fireplace

Must be in the mood to be put in the carrier
Medication, particularly phenobarbitol
Being cold
Within You Without You (on the Sgt. Pepper's album)
Dad's scratchy beard

Happy 3 months kiddo!


  1. ahhhh, what a cutey, can't wait for our buba to arrive.Rx

  2. I love his little hoodie! I know he's still really tiny, but he LOOKS so much bigger and stronger! And he looks just like you in the first picture :-) Almost everything I was told about parenting before having a baby was BS, but they were right about one thing: the love you feel for these little people is truly indescribable. Our hearts have grown three sizes <3


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