autumn morning.

Since Elliott has been home from the hospital we've spent  lot of long mornings on our dusty porch swing drinking coffee as a family. (No coffee for Elliott, silly!) Enjoying each other's company, documenting life again through more photos and memories.

It occurred me four weeks ago when I watched my child almost die in the emergency room that I needed to be better about taking photos of the little things. I have lots of bad cell phone photos of my little one from his first three months of life but very little of anything else. I am going to start taking lots of photos. I may spend a little less time here writing here for a while, as writing takes time away from my kiddo, but I am hoping to post more and more photos here. Something to look back on later, happy times in the midst of a storm.


  1. Elliott is gorgeous, and there was a black cat just like that one hanging out in my kitchen today. How odd haha x


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