4 months old.

As of yesterday, Elliott is 4 months old!

What can I say about Elliott's 4th month of life that I haven't already?

Elliott is a little behind his peers in a few areas, height and weight for example. He is just now back to 9 pounds since his pre-op appointment just before his 3 month birthday, but he grew 3/4 of an inch. He is below the 5th percentile in weight and height for his age, a tiny little guy! Elliott is wearing newborn sizes still, with a few 0-3 month items thrown in that are a bit too big but also just too cute not to dress him in. Elliott is up to 4 and a half ounces of formula and/or breast milk every four hours or so, and according to the doctor he is gaining weight, so we're on the right track. To add calories to help him gain weight, we are adding an additional 1/4 teaspoon of formula for each ounce of breast milk or formula he's fed. This method seems to be working. He was discharged from the hospital at 8 pounds 2 ounces, so he is up nearly a pound in less than two weeks! I am thrilled. Tube feeding seems to be helping in this area. With heart babies, it can be a struggle to eat sometimes.

He still behaves like a newborn during tummy time too, whatever muscle tone he had pre-surgery is gone likely to weeks laying on his back sedated in the hospital. He's able to keep his head semi-steady when being held sitting up, but he is not able to push up on his arms or lift his head during tummy time yet. And tummy time still often leads to a meltdown (but not always). I am guessing his sternum is still healing from surgery. He'll catch up. Mama is making sure of it.

What he is not behind on is life experience. Elliott has been to the moon and back 20 times I think compared to his other 4-month old friends. I think that's worth writing in the baby book.

Big accomplishment this month (aside from bouncing back wholeheartedly from cardiac arrest): Hands! Elliott has a new love affair with his hands that we did not notice pre-surgery. At the hospital they kept him bundled so he would not pull on IVs or many of the other accoutrements that comes with hospital stays; now he cannot keep from holding them together or putting them in his mouth. It's a pretty adorable habit as far as mom and dad are concerned. 

Happy four months kiddo pie!