4 week update.

 At the beginning of the month when Elliott was discharged from the hospital I posted some photos of his homecoming. It was such a happy day for us. As special as that place is, it was a drag going there everyday. To have to request to see your own child or be shooed out when a procedure took place was taxing and angering. Being at home was much better, allowing us to fall into a routine and letting life finally go back to normal (somewhat). That was four weeks ago today. Today, I dressed Elliott up in his homecoming onesie and took some photos, intending to compare the two, and see how much he's changed.

I have definitely noticed a change these last few weeks. When we brought him home, he seemed so skinny. These days, he's not a super chunky baby, but I am seeing some definite plumpness in his thighs, hands, and cheeks.

Weight at discharge: 8 pounds, 2 & a half ounces
Weight today: 9 pounds, 6 & a half ounces

Height at discharge: 22 & a half inches
Height today: 23 inches

This kiddo's personality & development has grown leaps and bounds the last few weeks, and the fact that he has somehow fallen into a normal sleeping and eating pattern has been astonishing to me. Before, there was no rhyme or reason to his eating or sleeping habits. Unfortunately, he is still on the feeding tube, but only because it was a huge ordeal getting into the speech therapist. Our appointment is finally on January 8th; there, they'll do another swallow study to see if he is continuing to aspirate, and do swallow therapy if needed. Honestly, I suspect we might run into some road blocks. The tube was nice to get him to gain some weight and rebuild his strength, as cardiac babies tend to have a difficult time eating. Still, I fear the tube has made him a bit lazy. Why work to eat when you can be fed on a tube? He does have a strong grip on his pacifier, yet, I am a little nervous. Only another week or so until we find out!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! It has been such a blessing to have our little one home, and share all these holidays with him. Watching him grow and recover has been the greatest gift I've ever been given.


  1. Seriously? That boy is so, so adorable. I love his soulful, perceptive eyes. Glad to see him chubbing up too :-D

  2. You did good there, he's a looker xx

    (ps, I hope you dont mind that I comment on almost every single post these days, I'm starting to feel like a stalker lol)


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