before & after.

Not long ago I shared how Taylor and I came to decide on purchasing an older home vs. purchasing new. I had always wondered about the history of our home and know a little (as shared in this post) but I have been dying to see photos. Somehow, Taylor found an older listing of our home with old photos and we flipped out!

Hello, built-ins? We knew based on seeing some of our neighbors homes that likely our home had wood floors and built-ins at some point, but likely previous occupants had trashed it all. It's sad, really. If those built-in had been kept there's a chance we would have fixed them up and repainted them. Same with the wood paneling! To be honest, I sort of love it. I love our house the way it is now, but there is something to be said for honoring the past.

I don't miss that terrible brown carpeting, however in-vogue it was at the time it was put in. Or, was that brown carpet really ever in-vogue?


  1. What a neat find! My first response was holy transformation batman!

    I would have loved to see what you two would have done with the house if you had bought it in its original state.


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