best gift ever.

This year, my husband and I agreed that we would each have a small budget to buy Christmas gifts for each other. And so, just five days before Christmas I was still empty handed, in spite of the fact that my husband had my gifts all picked out and ready to go. I had no time to brave the holiday shopping hoopla with a baby in tow (a baby, I might add, that I need to be protecting from the flu and such). I fretted about when I'd have the time to browse a  couple of record shops and get to the Vans store to buy a pair of his favorite jeans.

On Friday Taylor came home from work early, so I dashed out, leaving the boys at home. I stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores in town and found eight great records for a dollar each. Then, walking back to my car, I noticed a new antique shop a few doors down. I popped in. And there is was. This cute, mid-century modern esque Capri Chord Organ. I knew it was just the sort of thing my experimental musician of a husband would love. After haggling with the shop owner a bit I got that organ into my car, only blowing our Christmas budget by $20 (well, and $8 if you count the records). It didn't matter. We exchanged our gifts a little early, and Taylor was floored with my selection. I haven't ever gotten any such praise for a gift I have given my husband as I have this little organ. I have been constantly reminded that it was his best gift ever. I am so glad; my best gift ever? Watching these two, enjoying it.

Needless to say, I never made it to the Vans store.