day to day.

Elliott, like many babies, has fallen into a schedule. Eating, napping, medications, play time. Prior to surgery Elliott was not on a schedule. His eating and sleeping behavior was erratic and it was difficult to give him his medications on time if he was napping. Now... now I have a totally different baby in my home. One that is more alert, smiles more, slept through the night, and has grown accustomed to routine. I am sure we can thank surgery for that.

This schedule is ever-evolving; in fact, just today at Elliott's cardiology follow-up they decreased the frequency of two of his heart medications. This was a big deal for me! Two less times I have to check placement on that darn feeding tube. For now, here is what our day-to-day looks like (with some variation due to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, etc.).

6:30 am
Elliott begins to stir. Mama gets up and prepares 2 oz of breastmilk & 2 & 1/2 ounces soy formula, with an additional teaspoon of formula powder to add calories. Primes feeding pump, makes coffee, and makes extra formula for the day (with extra calories). Prepares feeding pump.

7 am
Papa and baby wake up. Papa showers and gets ready for work. Mama changes Elliott, checks feeding tube placement, gives medicine (2.5 ml Captopril, .5 ml Pepcid). Starts feeding pump.

7:30 am
Papa leaves for work.

9 am
Check feeding tube placement. Meds: 2.5 ml Phenobarbitol, .4 ml Lasix.

Elliott naps. Mama takes this time to shower, eat, blog if time. More coffee.

11:30 am
Mama gets feeding pump ready, checks Elliott's tube placement, and feeds Elliott another 4& 1/2 oz of breastmilk/formula.

12:15 pm
Change Elliott, flush feeding pump.

2 pm
Check tube placement. Meds: 2.5 ml Captopril

2:10-3:30 pm
Elliott naps. Mama blogs or does more stuff around the house.

3:30 pm
Mama gets feeding pump ready.

3:45 pm
Wakes up Elliott, changes, and checks feeding tube placement. Feeds Elliott 4& 1/2 oz on breastmilk/formula.

4:15 pm
Finishes feed, flushes feeding pump.

5:30 pm
Papa gets home. Mom starts dinner while papa and Elliott play.

6:30- 7:15 pm
Elliott naps while mama & papa eat dinner and catch up for the day.

7:15 pm
Feeding pump is prepped.

7:30 pm
Elliott wakes up, changed, feeding tube placement is checked.

7:45 pm
Feed begins. Only 2 1/2 oz of breastmilk/formula this time.

8:00 pm
Feed ends. Feeding pump is flushed.

9 pm
Feeding tube placement checked. 2.5 ml Phenobarbitol & .4 ml Lasix.

9:15 pm
Feeding pump is prepped.

9:30 pm
Feeds Elliott another 2 & 1/2 oz breastmilk/ formula.

9:45 pm
Feeding ends. Feeding pump is flushed.

10 pm
Changes Elliott's diaper & into jammies.  Meds: 2.5 ml Captopril. Dad hangs out with Elliott while mama pumps.

10:30 pm
Bed time!


  1. Ha! Love this schedule! All about Elliot! :-) As it should be! Found you through Casey!

  2. I can't even imagine! You are such a strong mama. Keep your chin up! He's a beautiful boy.

  3. You have created a beautiful little person there, I hope you know that, and I bet he's grateful to have you and your husband as his parents - especially since you appear to plan your whole day around him haha

    hope you all had a very merry christmas xx


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