A day like any other day. Last minute Christmas shopping. Groceries. Burning dinner. Feeding baby. Snuggles. Christmas lights. Blogging.

It's nice to settle into a routine. It's days like today that fuel my spirit. Taylor came home early from work and it was fantastic to have his presence around. The strenuous feeding and medication schedule doesn't feel strenuous at all when you have a partner. Jugging baby and dinner and household stuff and holiday errands feels kind of fun when you have someone to stand up next to. Days like today feel....normal. And that's all I can ask out of all of this: to feel normal.

You know what's normal? Leaving the baby with his papa and rushing out with coffee in hand to buy your husband a last-minute gift, happening upon something amazing, a lucky find you know he'll love. It's rushing to the office-supply store to get your Christmas cards printed so you can mail them out early the next morning (as if they'd make it to their recipients by Christmas at this point), finding that the office-supply store had already closed. It's having a neighbor take your family photo. It's checking email and Facebook with a sleepy baby in your arms. It's soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The hard stuff, the out-of-the-ordinary, can settle in line next to all the normal, everyday things; it all becomes the new normal. Suddenly, it feels much easier to cope with things that might make you feel otherwise overwhelmed. 

Each day is a new day. It's really funny how a burnt grilled cheese sandwich can change your perspective.