our children.

 I had another post ready to go, published even, to share today, but I'll share that another day. Elliott is taking a good, good nap right now, and I think I would rather share my thoughts about what has happened in our country just a few days ago.

Those children in Connecticut. Those little babies, taken from this earth. I can't even begin to understand why something like this would happen, why we let it happen. I don't understand it. I never will.

That little boy up there, he has changed my life. Those scars on his tummy and chest, they have changed me. Looking at the photos of the children and teachers that lost their lives last week, they have changed me too.

If I have learned anything these last two months it is that I need to show more compassion. I need to begin mirroring it in my own life. I don't know how something like this is even fathomable but I do know that many of our children are not shown enough compassion in their lives. We are not instilling it into the hearts and minds of every child on this planet. Instead, we are glorifying violence and selfishness in our media. We are looking the other way at strangers in the street with their cardboard signs who need help. A child should be shown nothing but compassion and love during their first years of life, and if they are not, well. This world of ours doesn't stand a chance.

I am blessed enough that I did not lose my baby. He is here with us and doing so well; frankly, he's kicking ass. I am lucky enough to not know what it is like to lose my child, but my heart cries inside for the Connecticut families that do know this. No child's life should be taken at the hand of another. Their dreams and spirits have been crushed and it makes me so angry. How am I supposed to feel good about sending my little boy out in the world if there are people out there that know nothing of compassion?

I look at Elliott's little face today and know it is my duty to always show him love and selflessness, no matter how tired I am. There are times when it's hard. Yes, even with a four month old in my arms there are times when my compassion is weak. But I have to show it. I have to love him and make him feel safe for our country's sake. For all of our children's sake. For the good of this world, we must do nothing put love back into it. I hope you will too.