thank you.

I owe a thank you to a large number of folks out there; family, friends, co-workers, internet friends, people I've never met but have connected with due to circumstance. Many, many people have shown their support through notes, cards, meals on our front porch, cash in our mailbox. The outpouring of love to my son and his journey has been eye-opening. I am floored by how many good people there are out there.

But firstly, I owe a thank you to you, Taylor. My husband. My partner. The shoulder I have leaned on and cried on. That warm set of arms that envelopes me during the best and worst of times. The heart with which I share every bit of the heaven and hell that is watching your child recover from heart surgery.

I have not been the best wife lately. I have used you as a punching bag more times than I'd like to admit. This experience has been hard, but still, you stand beside me. You've braved bad news with me. You have talked and talked and talked with me in the dark car rides home from the hospital until our voices were hoarse and tired. You held me in the elevator when it seemed like hope was gone. You held me after, when clearly, there was all the hope in the world. You were there. There beside me, riding out this storm with me. You are the greatest love of my life.

 Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.