5 months old.

Elliott is 5 months old!

Elliott has gained almost a pound in the last month, wavering back and forth between just above 10 pounds and just below. I suppose I may need to feed him more. The doctor recommended we feed around the clock, but sleeping overnight is more important to me than gaining a lot of extra chunk. He's not underweight at this point by any means. I just increased the amount of feedings from every four hours to every three, but lowered the intake from 5 ounces to 4. Really, it's an extra 4 or so ounces a day. I just made this change on Friday, we'll see how it goes!

As you can see, Elliott is still on his feeding tube. I have grown to really hate this tube. Who knows, he may be eating more ounces more frequently at this point if he were eating on his own, but he often doesn't make hunger cues any more and just goes straight into crying when he's hungry (which is only when I've accidentally let too much time go between feedings). Maybe most babies do this? I am not sure, I am new to this game still, and my experience isn't the most typical. Our second speech therapy appointment is tomorrow, I am praying they'll let him bottle feed again and tube feed only as a supplement. The good news is that at our last appointment he very clearly wanted to feed by bottle, and desperately tried to pull the bottle to his mouth with both hands. His desperation was heart breaking, but it was certainly amazing to see his hands go around the bottle and guide the nipple into his mouth. I was afraid he would get a little lazy by feeding through tube for son long.

Developmentally, aside from starting to really use his hand and hold favorite toys with both hands, he is starting to roll over onto his side (and shows a clear affinity for his left side).  Tummy time is a little less drama, but we're working on it. He always needs to take a nap right after tummy time, but is lifting his head a little better each day. His neck control continues to improve each day too, and his big ol' noggin flops around less and less each time I sit him in my lap.

Elliott started sleeping in his crib this weekend, so we're seeing how that goes. I miss co-sleeping, but really it's for the best for him to be in his own bed (I may sneak him in from time to time, shhhh...). So far, so good. He sleeps about six hours no problem, but cries about every hour after only to fall right back asleep when we pop his pacifier back into his mouth.

Ugh, and can we talk about this crusty eye situation? We have an appointment with the opthamologist soon, it's getting a little out of control. We have a long routine, complete with cleaning (crying) and ointment (crying) and it just kinda sucks. For all three of us.

Monkey rattle and blue striped Ikea bear
Still loves to be swaddled
Being carried in the Baby Hawk
Swing & snuggles
Laying on the floor & rolling around
Sitting up in someone's lap at the table

Non-plush, non-animal shaped toys
Tummy time
Being fed via feeding tube
Feeding tube reinsertion
Dad's scratchy-beard kisses
Playing piano with Dad

Happy 5 months old kiddo pie!


  1. Aw - he's adorable! So, anyhow, my close friend's daughter had a feeding tube around this age too. She was able to ween off it before she was one, but I know they had to go through a lot with a specialist to avoid feeding tube dependency. It's interesting to read this from another perspective and story - and I know it's hard to deal with! But the great thing is that it's happening early and he won't remember it. My friend' daughter by the way is almost 3 now and you would never guess she had any developmental issues as a little baby.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. Hello miss Charlotte, I know I comment all the time but I've just been reading through again (I pop in and out quite often, like a silent stalker haha) and wanted to tell you how brave I think you are, how desperately adorable your baby is, and how much i respect and admire you. You make me want to be a better person, you really do. Love to you and your family xxxx


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