balancing act.

Being a working parent, I am learning is a balancing act.

Juggling workbabymetimehusbandtimedoggytimehouseholdchorespersonalhygiene is suddenly something you learn to do, because you're forced to. You actually do dishes and make "me time" because there so little time to do it. You take the opportunity of a 45 minute nap or a grammy & baby session and make it count for you. No more lazing around the house on Saturday mornings, drinking coffee and trolling the internet, thinking you should be doing something else. No more. No more trolling the internet, in fact. That 45 minutes? A good time to shower (quickly) and write a blog post much like this one. Making every second count.

I lamented a few times on this blog about how motherhood was hard. Having time to do anything is hard. Finding time to eat is hard. Being sleep deprived is hard. Hard, hard hard.

I still feel that way. But I am learning that this balancing act of a life called motherhood, it's really giving me a lesson in priorities. A clean house these days is low on the list. Instead, playing with baby on the floor for an hour is pretty much at the top. Quality time with my husband is just below it. And somewhere in between is making time for myself. I do not give myself the backseat. A part of me has not died when I gave life to my son. Motherhood and marriage is about sacrifice, and I am 100% okay with that. And yet, keeping myself healthy and sane when no sacrifices are required is the single most important thing I could ever do with my family.

Today, this week, while I sit alone at home while my husband works at the NAMM  show over the weekend, I choose to make every second count. I have no help with week with the baby (well, a little, thanks to my parents) and really, it doesn't matter. Elliott comes first. Everything else will find it's place.


  1. In the words of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Titanic "to making it count" xx


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