there. i said it.

A little list of things I've been thinking and in a few days will fully regret ever posting on the internet.

1. My baby is cute. Extremely cute. Other babies are cute too, but my baby is the cutest. Probably, he's cuter than any other baby I've ever met or seen pictures of. (I know all parents think this about their own babies, but I am pretty sure this is not just an opinion of mine, it's fact.)

2. Babies kind of suck. They cry in the middle of the night, they cry in public, they can't tell you why they're crying, they pee themselves, they smell sometimes, they can't even feed themselves. Little buggers, somehow managing to make me overlook all that and wrap me around their little fingers with cuteness (see item #1 above) and sweetness. I only wish I could be found as charming?

3. Though we are no longer breastfeeding and I have "dried up," so to speak, I still have managed to stay a cup-size larger than I was prior to pregnancy. Take that pre-pregnancy bras!

4. And speaking of my post-pregnancy body, I still pee when I sneeze or cough. No, thank you, seasonal allergies.

5. Wait, still speaking about my post-pregnancy body. Yeah. Somehow "martial intimacy" is a hundred times better post-pregnancy.

6. A good thing about the stress of Elliott's surgery & hospitalization: I am back to fitting in all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Well. Except. See item #3.

Happy Monday friends, and more importantly, Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! A day to recognize every American's civil rights and their equal place in this country. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a special human being. Also, a day I get to stay home with my kiddo and pretend I am on maternity leave again. Yep. I said it.


  1. Wow I'm so glad I'm not the only one who suffers from item 4, it's the worst!

    I am feeling all those points, mainly 1 and 2 is an adorable paradox!

    Enjoy your Martin Jr Day, we don't get that in Australia so I may be writing this during work :>


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