6 months old.

 Holey moley, Elliott Wilde is 6 months old as of Tuesday! (Yeah, I am little late. Ooops.)

This month has seemed full of first! Elliott seemed to find his voice at the tail end of his 5th month and have been talk-talk-talking ever since. He giggles daily now at funny faces, kisses on the neck, and funny songs sung very out of tune by his mama.

Not too long ago he rolled over once from this tummy to his back several times in one evening, but hasn't repeated it since. I got a video of it! I never posted it on here, because, well, I was sounding like a big dork in the background with my little baby-talk voice rooting him on! We have been working on it quite a bit since then but now during tummy time he just flails his arms to his side and cries like a beached wail. Well.

I think a month ago Elliott was still wavering below 10 pounds. On Thursday, he weighed in at 11 pounds 12 ounces (I was really hoping for 12 pounds, but I'll take it). His feeding tube came out right after he turned 5 months. He is certainly growing (and eating) quite a bit. Right now we're feeding him around 5 ounces every 3 hours or so, in addition to a couple feedings of pureed veggies twice a day. So far Elliott's tried avocados (fail) and squash (love!). He hasn't fully gotten how to eat from spoon, and really, mama hasn't fully gotten how to feed by spoon. But boy, that kiddo's face sure did light up today when I sat him in his Bumbo seat and broke out the baby spoon!

The other thing: sitting. While Elliott hasn't fully mastered sitting all by himself, he certainly insists upon sitting up as much as possible. His all time best so far has been sitting by himself for 20 seconds or so before toppling over, so I assume by the time we reach our 7 month update I'll be bragging about his sitting skills.

I can't help but wonder, is his hair getting darker? Are those eyes getting darker? And is this determination, independence, and stubbornness I am suddenly noticing going to stick around? You really do have a mind of your own, little boy.

Napping in the baby swing (so trying to break him of this, but, oh, so tired myself)
Being carried outward-facing in Dad's Evenflo carrier
Toys, toys, toys!
Sitting up
Banjo & Vinyl the cat
His papa (seriously, it was like I didn't even exist this month)

Napping in the Nap Nanny
Being carried inward-facing in Mama's Baby Hawk for longer than 15 minutes
Being held like a baby
Avocados & rice cereal

Happy 6 months to my little pumpkin pie! I love you.


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