dreaming of spring.

Plum trees from last summer.

I am already starting to yearn for warmer temps and spring flowers. To begin weeding, build some garden boxes, plant fruit trees. This morning I stepped out into the yard and froze my little fingers, ideas of asparagus and strawberry beds dancing around in my brain. This spring I might try to build some garden boxes myself and fill them with perennial vegetables and plants. Get my tomato and pepper beds ready. Plant some fragrant herbs in the front of the house mixed in with lavender and roses.

Last summer I was achingly pregnant and let my garden grow of it's own free will. I didn't take much care of it even though I truly wanted too. The result was a weedy garden with dead plants and very few vegetables. It sure is tough to bend down on your hands and knees when you have a basketball in your tummy.

My obsessive compulsive gardening neighbors across the street (a retired couple my parent's age) recently sold their home and are moving into the home they own next door and have rented out for years prior. They plan on leaving the state sometime but are sticking around to care for his ailing mother for the time being. They have the most pristine, immaculate, out-of-control organic garden in their backyard and are very sad to see it go into the care of newcomers. The wife offered to help me plant a garden this spring, and I think I may take her up on it and let her get to work. I am also considering building a compost pile this spring to keep my garden happy for years to come. Big, big plans for the busy mom of a six month old. I dare to dream. For now, though, I sit by the fire with a hot cup of tea sketching my garden plans out in my journal. Awaiting the last frost so I can then dig in and get my hands dirty.

The beginnings of my poor, neglected 2012 tomato garden.