Dear Life,

Wow. WOW. I didn’t even know that you could ever quite have the balls to throw one curve ball after another, but you surely did. Some good, some bad, always surprising. Is this the face of a character building lesson, perhaps?

Since going back to work, life, you have been full speed ahead. To the point that I can’t keep up with everything. To the point that I am unable to keep up with anything. To the point that I again feel like a constant failure because I have yet to pay certain bills, have a pile of unopened mail, and a house that is drowning in dirty laundry and trash needing to be taken out. A paycheck again, it’s truly nice, but life, you’re not about just paychecks. You have wonderful memories to be filled with, lessons to be learned, and most certainly drudgery & chores to make up all the moments in between. You are about baby bath times and doctor’s appointments, getting dressed in the dark, running late for work while running low on gas, trying on fun clothes, quiet moments with loved ones. You are about love and happiness  and passion and making sacrifices. All in all, life, I am glad you’re mine, but would it kill you to go a little easier on me at some point? A nice vacation to Hawaii in the near future, perhaps?

Maybe someday you’ll get the hint, but until then, I am thankful for you and all the wonderful things you’ve filled my heart with. Sweet life, I do not take you for granted, but for now: Wow. I am tired!

Your friend, Charlotte

To my readers, thank you for hanging in there during my hiatus. I am hoping to be back with regularly scheduled posting this week.