7 months old (a few weeks late.....)

Baby vintage!
 Teeny little boy, you turned 7 months three weeks ago! How did I miss it? I know how. You are keeping things busy. And MAN, are you busy little boy! The  line between 6-7 months and the 7 month mark on have begun to blur (see this post) but at the very least I have a few photos to share from his 7th month marker.

Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12 lbs 4 ozs
Overall percentile: below the 5th

Progress: At 7 months old Elliott is still working on mastering sitting on his own, but sits for as long as 10-15 minutes unassisted! (Mama and papa are sitting nearby, ready to catch him at any minute. Seriously, I’ve bruised my shins trying to save this kid from a painful crash and burn.) This month Elliott began working with a teacher that comes to our house once a week a program free through the State, and we’ve already come a long way since she’s made her way into our weekly routine! Tummy time and learning to push up on his arms… well, I should probably start leaving that out of our monthly posts. It’s still a challenge for this little heart baby.

Elliott has certainly began swallowing his purees better and clearly has an opinion on what he does & doesn’t like. We haven’t moved away from the “safe first foods” yet but soon we will, once we can grasp how to eat a little better and when mama starts to feel a little less tired during the week. And another big piece of information since his 6 month post: Elliott has made considerable strides in holding his own bottle! Wow, what a life saver that is turning out to be!

I can’t remember much of what Elliott’s sleep routine was like but I feel as though he had several nightly wakings as he rounded out his 7thmonth. I don’t know. I was in the thick of changes taking place in my body (again, see this post!!!) and balancing that with work and caring for an infant has generally left me in a zombie-like state. I remember many late-night transfers to the swing just so mama could get a few uninterrupted hours here and there.

 Elliott likes:
Playing with cell phones, the computer keyboard, coffee cups
Squash, peas, pears and apples
Sleeping on his side
Being naked

Elliott dislikes:
Carrots & avocados
His Baby Hawk! This one kind of makes me sad, but lately he’s preferred to face away from me to enjoy the view.
Being swaddled (unfortunately, it’s still a necessary evil in our house)
His toys and jumper
Playing alone
Clothes and hats
Diaper changes

Happy 7 months little one! Sorry it’s a bit late!

Stay tuned.... Elliott's 8 month update is due next week!