8 months old.

Happy 8 month little boy! And really, happy 8 months and one week! Sorry, we're a tad late again.

Weigh in at 8 months: 13 lb, 4 oz
Height: 26
Head circumference: 16.5
Over all percentile: a jump from the 4th to the 5th!

Wow. What a month it has been, Elliott's biggest month yet!

This month, Elliott has been sitting for long periods of time, upwards of 15 minutes on his own, without falling over. (I still have to stay nearby or pad the area with pillows, but heck! He's working on it!) Elliott's moved from barely rolling over on occasion to flip-flopping like a roly poly from back to front, front to back, with barely any effort. Seriously! Just the other day I set him down for a few minutes to make his bottle, and woah! In two mintutes he was four feet away from where I left him. Elliott has been obsessive about being pulled from laying or sitting to standing, and can hold himself up well just by holding our hands, or us holding him around the waist. He is even starting to bend over from standing to pick up a toy on the floor (with support). Elliott's teacher would still like to see him using his arms strength to push himself up during tummy time, but we are making such great progress in many areas that he could be crawling in the next couple of months.

And, let's talk...talking. A few weeks ago he really started to dive into consonant sounds, "mamamamama" being his all time favorite. He is also making a lot of k, b, h, and y sounds. He is starting to mimic us talking to him, singing with his papa in the music studio, and will lay on the floor and kick and shout happily.

I don't know if he is giving us a break, or if he is just feeling better, but Elliott is turning into the sweetest, happiest little boy. He is rarely fussy, unless clearly hungry or tired or bored sitting in his jumper. He now quietly sits in his car during rides and plays with the toys mama supplies him. And he is eating so much better by spoon, taking in nearly a jar at each sitting! It is really time for mama to buckle down and get some new foods in our repetoire (I've been tired...).

On the sleep front, Elliott has been pretty darn considerate of mama's exhaustion and sleeps thorugh most nights, occasionally with only one waking. We had a few bad nights last week there, but over all things have vastly improved. If I weren't pregnant, I'd probably feel pretty rested.

Elliott likes:
Licks and kisses from puppy and petting the kitty
Papa's beard and stealing glasses off faces
Coffee cups and cell phones
Rolling around
Playing outside in the shade
Feeding himself & standing up
Lots of fruit!

Elliott dislikes:
Being left alone in the jumper, or anywhere, for longer than five seconds
Laying horizontally while awake
Being carried inward facing in a carrier
Getting changed

One part laziness here, I am using Instagram photos to illustrate this post. Two parts awesome, because hey! I am on Instagram now! @hellocharlottejoy

Happy 8 months my little one!!


  1. Oh my he's adorable..I love all the little milestones!


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