a little gardening.

We did a wee bit of gardening on Earth Day in the Spring sunshine. Strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, lots of perennial flowers. Baby boy sat outside with us several hours, bouncing in his jumpy or playing on his mat or snoozing under the shade of a pine tree.

Something about the Spring sunshine and a baby in your belly that makes you want to bring life to your surroundings. Get under your finger nails. Take a warm shower after and a light afternoon snooze before heading out to dinner. I can't wait for tomatoes to start sprouting or to use my pineapple mint in a tall pitcher of summer lemonade. Spring! Hooray! I am so happy you're here.

To plant a strawberry cart like the one above: Line a wheelbarrow or vintage cart (we found ours at a local thrift store for $10!) with a plastic trash bag so that the bottom doesn't eventually rot out. Fill with organic potting soil, plant, & water. Move to sun or shade as needed. Happy gardening!


  1. Oh my. that black and white photo is a dream! So sweet, holding the bottle!


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