'round here.

From my pregnancy announcement video!

'Round here I am starting blogs posts by only getting to the title and concept, get interrupted by a baby waking up from a nap but publish it anyway. Oops. (Sorry to those of you I brought here under false prentenses.)

'Round here the days switch from cold and rainy to the perfect spring temperatures. I had planned on some gardening today but we'll have to see where the weather takes us.

'Round here I have been getting bored with Elliott hand-me-down baby sweat pants and have been dying to make fun, unisex baby leggings, like these or these.

'Round here we went to dinner and a high school musical. Our neighbor is a teacher and wanted to take us to support her students in their rendition of Grease Lighting! We laughed, we cried, we felt uncomfortable by the promiscuous undertones. Glad we left the munchkin with a babysitter.

'Round here our little one is doing all kinds of crazy things I just can't help but want to tell everyone! Okay. It can wait until his 8 month update. But goodness the suspense is killing me.

'Round here our dog rolled in poo, and the contractor woke up the baby during his nap. I was not a happy camper yesterday.

'Round here my husband has finally finished what has felt like a month-long project, making our garage a more inhabitable room for a music studio. It still has the capability to function as a garage, but now it is fully insulated, sound-proofed, dry-walled, and painted. Now all of his gear can finally go back where it belongs, and out of our family room.

'Round here I have been pregnant. Oh yeah. That has been tough. A post of it's own is due soon, too.

'Round here is it still the weekend, and I certainly plan on enjoying it. Happy Sunday, friends!